Agenda and minutes

Cabinet CIL Committee - Monday 5th October, 2020 6.00 pm

Venue: This is a virtual meeting

Contact: Reuben Segal, Head of Committee and Governance Services  Email: Tel: 07817054613


No. Item



To report any changes to the membership.



Also Present: Ezra Wallace, Director of Policy and Projects, Amit Mistry, Principal Policy Officer, and Kisi Smith-Charlemagne, Senior Committee & Governance Officer.


1                Membership


1.1       There were no changes to the membership of the committee.


2                Declarations of Interests


2.1       There were no declarations of interests.


3                Minutes


3.1       RESOLVED:  That the minutes of the meeting held on 29 July 2020 are to be approved at the next Committee meeting.


4                Westminster Community infrastructure levy- Project Allocations (Q3)


4.1       The Committee welcomed the Changing Lives: Improved Access to St Marylebone Parish Church and the Air Filtration System for St Marylebone CE School and Sixth Form projects.  The Committee advised that the Members were in supportive of the projects and noted that these projects had the backing of the community and support the neighbourhood.  The Committee also supported the Reverse Vending Machine project, advising that it supported local businesses, recycling and biodiversity.


4.2       With regard to the Mayfair Green Route project, the Committee felt that further stakeholder engagement was needed and agreed this project in principle. The Committee also agreed the Baseline Study of Licensed Premises in Mayfair in principle, the Committee welcomed the project and further evidence based discussions with local businesses and community for understanding the Cumulative Impact Area (CIA).


4.3       The Committee welcomed Section 106 pooled projects.  Members advised that the Carbon Offset Study for the Essendine School, met the council’s climate change objectives.  Members also welcomed the Westminster Wheels project, advising that the project supported mobility, improved health and provided jobs for Westminster residents.



4.4       RESOLVED:


Westminster Community Infrastructure Levy – Project Allocations (Q3)


The Committee approved following Neighbourhood CIL bids for allocation:


i)                Changing Lives: Improved Access to St Marylebone Parish Church

ii)               Air Filtration System for St Marylebone CE School and Sixth Form

iii)              Reverse Vending Machine

iv)             Mayfair Green Route (in principle allocation)

v)               Baseline Study of Licensed Premises in Mayfair (in principle allocation)


To approve the following Section 106 bids:


i)                Westminster Wheels

ii)               Carbon Offset Study for the Essendine School


The Committee noted the neighbourhood portion of CIL received to date.



5                Any Other Business


5.1       There was no other business discussed.



The meeting ended at 6.35 pm





















Declarations of Interests

To receive and record declarations of interest.


Any Other Business Which the Chairman Considers Urgent


Westminster CIL and S106 – Project Allocations pdf icon PDF 274 KB

Report of the Director of Policy and Projects.