Council - Wednesday 24th June, 2020 7.00 pm

Venue: This is a virtual meeting

Contact: Reuben Segal, Head of Committee and Governance Services  Email: Tel: 07890 380137


No. Item


Appointment of Relief Chairman

To appoint a relief Chairman.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 192 KB

To sign the minutes of the meeting of the Council meeting held on 20 May 2020.


Lord Mayor's Communications

1.               The Lord Mayor to report that, on 20 May, he was elected Lord Mayor at the virtual Full Council Meeting.

2.               The Lord Mayor to report that, on 26 May, he undertook a phone interview for Soho Radio.

3.               The Lord Mayor to report that, on 28 May, he had an online meeting with Centrepoint to discuss their Independent Living Programme.

4.               The Lord Mayor to report that, on 28 May, he chaired a meeting of the City of Westminster Charitable Trust.

5.               The Lord Mayor to report that, on 2 June, he took part in a socially distanced flag raising ceremony outside City Hall to mark Pride Month.

6.               The Lord Mayor to report that, on 2 June, he visited Westminster Abbey for a socially distanced meeting with the Dean of Westminster.

7.               The Lord Mayor to report that, on 3 June, he had an introductory phone call with the Lord Lieutenant of Greater London, Sir Kenneth Olisa.

8.               The Lord Mayor to report that, on 6 June, he had an online interview with Sky News.

9.               The Lord Mayor to report that, on 6 June, he took part in and spoke at the London Mayors’ Association’s virtual meeting for new Mayors.

10.            The Lord Mayor to report that, on 9 June, he had a virtual meeting with the Soho Theatre.

11.            The Lord Mayor to report that, on 9 June, he had an online meeting with Centrepoint.

12.            The Lord Mayor to report that, on 11 June, he had an introductory phone call with the Representative Deputy Lieutenant for Westminster, Kevin Traverse-Healy.



Declarations of Interest


Statement on Urgent Matters

With the approval of the Chairman of the meeting, the Leader of the Council may make a statement on an urgent matter and the Leader of the Opposition will have an equivalent right of reply.



Future Policy Plan pdf icon PDF 190 KB

To consider items for debate from the attached Future Policy Plan



Petitions and Deputations, if any



The Lord Mayor will call members who have previously indicated that they wished to ask a question in accordance with the circulated list after the Leader of the Opposition has asked his questions


Councillor Issues

Councillor Robert Rigby - ZSL/London Zoo – Why it needs saving’




Notices of Motion

To be moved by Councillor Nafsika Butler Thalassis and seconded by Councillor Papya Qureshi


Minority Party Motion – Health Inequalities


This Council notes that according to the Office of National Statistics and Public Health England Covid-19 has killed disproportionately many more BAME people than white people.


This Council notes that some of the higher death rates in BAME communities relate to pre-existing health problems particularly diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and obesity.


This Council notes that, while many people during this crisis have had the opportunity to work from home it was our poorest households that continued sending people out to work. The highest Covid-19 death rates have been among security guards, care workers, bus drivers, taxi drivers and retail workers.


This Council notes Westminster’s history as a place of arrival for many BAME communities, who make up at least 40% of our City’s population today.


The Council also notes the positive initiatives by WCC such as the Community Cohesion Commission, efforts to improve opportunities for BAME staff and City Hall commemorating George Floyd and Grenfell, but also appreciates the scale of the work still to do to achieve equality in our city.


The Council believes health inequalities have their roots in the social determinants of health – in this case overcrowded or insecure housing, poverty, and employment in occupations with high exposure to Covid-19.


This Council resolves to take active measures to reduce the structural disadvantage and racism faced by BAME communities in Westminster.


The Council resolves to carry out a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) on the needs of BAME communities in Westminster, looking at access to decent housing (particularly addressing overcrowding and homelessness), employment, health inequalities and the relationship between these communities and public institutions such as the Council and Police.


The Council will allocate the resources needed to implement the findings of the JSNA while taking urgent action now to address known problems including local public health led efforts to improve Covid-19 testing and access to healthcare in BAME and other excluded communities.



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