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48 Chapel Street London NW1 5DH


1                48 Chapel Street London NW1 5DH


Application 1


Demolition of the existing building and erection of a part 3 storey and part 7 storey (plus basement) hotel (Use Class C2), public house (Sui Generis Use) and retail premise (Class E); including excavation of basement, bin and bike storage, rooftop plant, new tree.


Application 2


Relocation of two phone boxes from the corner of Old Marylebone Road and Chapel Street to Chapel Street.


The Presenting Officer had circulated an additional condition (undated).


An additional representation had been received from the Hyde Park Ward Labour Action Team (20.08.21).


A late representation was received from a local resident (31.08.21).


The Presenting Officer tabled the following amendments to the conditions and informatives on the decision notice:


Condition 7 to read:

The full height kitchen extract/ventilation system through the building shall be installed and operational prior to any primary cooking (the cooking of raw or fresh food) taking place on site or alternative ventilation details as approved in writing by the local planning authority.


Condition 8 to read:

Prior to occupation - you must provide an Operational Management Plan for the hotel and public house to the local planning authority in writing. The plan must include, but limited to, the following:


I. Customer opening hours (no greater than those stated in condition 9);

II. Capacity (pub only);

III. How the uses will be serviced;

IV. How the uses will be operated;

V. Visitor management, such as: queuing, crowd control etc.;

VI. Security arrangements;

VII. Access and egress arrangements;


The uses must then operate in accordance with the approved management plan unless otherwise agreed first by the local planning authority.


Informative 13 to read:

This permission is governed by a legal agreement between the applicant and us under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. The agreement relates to:


i. Planting of a replacement tree at the junction of Chapel Street and Old Marylebone Road prior to occupation and provision of a management plan to ensure its retention and ongoing future maintenance.

ii. Provision of a financial contribution of £34,484.24 (index linked) to the Westminster Employment Service prior to the commencement of development.

iii. Highways works necessary to facilitate the proposed development.

iv. Provision of a financial contribution of £66,405 to the Carbon Offset Fund (index linked) payable prior to the commencement of development; and

v. The costs of monitoring the S106 legal agreement.


Informative 14 to read:

In relation to Condition 6, the definition of fitted to category A standards means the main structural elements of the [Public House] provided with base-build mechanical and electrical services together with but not limited to:


• floors;

• wall finishes;

• soffit finishes;

• lighting;

• ventilation;

• heating and power


Informative 15 to read:

You are advised that the replacement tree to the corner of Chapel Street and Old Marylebone Road will be subject to a Tree Preservation Order.


Aimee Squires addressed the Sub-Committee in support of the application.




To defer both applications on the grounds that although the Sub-Committee was mindful of the overall benefits of the proposals, it was considered that the applicant should consider further changes to the bulk and height of the new building in order to further mitigate the loss of light to those residents living in Wallace Court.


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