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2-3 Orme Court London W2 4RL


External alterations and extensions to 2-3 Orme Court, amalgamation of 2-3 Orme Court with 1 and 4-8 Orme Court, internal reconfigurations and refurbishments to facilitate change of use to residential, religious and educational establishment for international community of professionals, students and priests, including en-suite private bedrooms, communal areas, work and study spaces, meeting rooms, library and ancillary spaces (Sui Generis).


Additional representation:


1.   Alex Karmel, Your Shout 07.10.21


Late representations:


1. The Bayswater Residents Association 08.10.21

2. The presenting officer tabled the following amendments:


Report Correction:

Last sentence of Section 8.3 (page 27) states the proposal does not include the installation of any external plant. This is incorrect and as noted in the last line on page 25 high-efficient heat pumps have been discussed in the Design and Access statement. The report states that these have not specifically been identified on the plans but again this is incorrect and is shown at basement/lower ground floor between 1 and 2 Orme Court.


Minor Changes/ Additions to Decision Notice:


Reason for Condition 8 to read:

To make sure that the trees are adequately protected during building works. This is as set out in Policies 34 and 38 of the City Plan 2019 - 2040 (April 2021). (R31AD)


Condition 9 to be amended to read: You must apply to us for approval of detailed drawings of a hard landscaping scheme which includes sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDs). You must not start work on the relevant part of the development until we have approved in writing what you have sent us. You must then carry out the landscaping within 1 year of completing the development (or within any other time limit we agree to in writing).


Reason for Condition 10 to read:

To increase the biodiversity and sustainability of the environment, and ensure that the development provides the sustainability features included in the application as set out Policies 34, 36 and 38 of the City Plan 2019 - 2040 (April 2021).


Condition 14 added and to read: You must apply to the City Council for approval of details of an Operational Management Plan including the hours of use and outlining how the terraces to the rear of the building are to be used. You must then operate the terraces according to this plan at all times.



To protect the privacy and environment of people in neighbouring properties, as set out Policies 7 and 38 of the City Plan 2019 - 2040 (April 2021).


Condition 15 added and to read: You must apply to us for details of the air source heat pumps within the lightwell/patio between 1 and 2 Orme Court at lower ground/ basement level, including proposed plans, sections and elevations and a supporting acoustic report. You must not occupy the premises at 2-3 Orme Court until we have approved the details.



To make sure that the appearance of the building is suitable and that it contributes to the character and appearance of this part of the Bayswater Conservation Area and to protect the environment of people in neighbouring properties. This is as set out in Policies 7,33,38, 39 and 40 of the City Plan 2019 - 2040 (April 2021).



Lorenzo Pandolfi addressed the Sub-Committee in support of the application.



RESOLVED (For: Councillors Rigby, Burbridge and Shearer; Against: Councillor Roca):



That conditional permission be granted, as amended by officers in their late memo changes to conditions and further changes to condition 9 include soft landscaping, condition 14 terraces no use after 8pm (20:00 hours) and to amend condition 12 to include no waste shall be left on the public highway. 


Supporting documents: