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Knowledge and Skills Policy

The report from the Director of Human Resources and the Knowledge and Skills Policy is attached.


8.1       Trevor Webster presented the report on the Pension Board Training Strategy and referred to the recommendations that the Board approve in principle the training strategy set out in the report and approve the initial one day training. The one day training would cover a number of key issues regarding legislation, policy and process. It was then intended that there be further training on specific issues and on-going development on later dates.


8.2       Annemarie Allen from the proposed training provider for the initial training day, Barnett Waddingham, was invited to address the Board. Annemarie Allen advised that the purpose of the initial training day was to ensure Members were comfortable in their role and to provide guidance and explain the relevant legislation involved. She welcomed suggestions on what Members were expecting from the training provider and what did they want to take from the session.


8.3       During discussion by Members, it was suggested that a ‘bible of relevant regulations’ would be useful. It was requested that a set of relevant documents be made available to Members to take away from the initial day session and to have access to a shared electronic platform providing relevant information. A Member enquired whether providing a personal development plan would help prove that Members were in compliance with their role. Clarification was sought on the source of funding for the training and what was the cost of the initial one day training. A Member asked if holding a tri-borough training session had been considered. It was also enquired how the training would be structured.


8.4       In reply to the issues raised, Trevor Webster advised that a flexible approach to training would be taken and e-learning would be available. He acknowledged that providing a personal development plan would be useful and would be considered further. Members noted that the training was offered on a day rate basis of £1,200, regardless of the number of people attending the training. Trevor Webster added that tri-borough training sessions could be considered in the future, however it was felt that it was important that the initial training be established.


8.5       Nikki Parsons added that tri-borough training had been initially considered, however it was felt that the Council was at a more advanced stage than the other tri-borough councils, so at this stage training would be arranged independently. She confirmed that the training would be funded from the Pension Fund, which was separate from the Council.


8.6       Annemarie Allen emphasised the importance of retention of knowledge from the training and in providing various ways of accessing information. She welcomed suggestions from Members on how the initial training day could be structured. She acknowledged that an individual development plan would be beneficial with progress tracked against its objectives and some form of self-assessment may also be useful. Annemarie Allen commented that any future tri-borough training would provide an opportunity to share Best Practice.


8.7       David Hodgkinson advised that he had attended the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Pension Board which had expressed an appetite for networking with other tri-borough partners.


8.8       At this point, Annemarie Allen left the room whilst Members considered the training proposals. The Board agreed the initial one day training and the other two recommendations. The Board also agreed that the initial one day training take place on Thursday, 27 August 2015. It was noted that Trevor Webster would liaise with the Chairman and Annemarie Allen to discuss and agree a training programme for the initial one day training.


8.9       RESOLVED:


1.         That the contents of the paper be noted.


2.         That the training strategy as outlined in the report be agreed in principle.


3.         That the initial one day training be approved.

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