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Award of Services Contract

12/03/2019 - Award of Services Contract

1.         That this report be exempt from disclosure by virtue of the Local Government Act 1972 Schedule 12A, Part 1, paragraph 3 (as amended), in that it contains information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that information).

2.         That the Cabinet Member for Housing Services approved the contract awards for the period 1 April 2019 to 31 March the preferred bidders for Lots 1, 2 and 3 respectively for the costs as detailed in the report.


Reasons for Decision 


1.         To ensure the continued provision of the following core services to Westminster’s tenants and lessees.

2.         Cleaning and grounds maintenance services are required to maintain the condition of the council’s housing stock and are essential for the health and safety of residents, staff and visitors and as required by lease and tenancy conditions, and to discharge the council’s relevant legal obligations as a landlord.

3.         Concierge services are required for the preservation of security in high rise, multiple dwelling blocks as requested and voted upon by residents where they are in operation, in accordance with Council policy. Security services are required to control access to the Brunel, Mozart and Avenue Garden estates during the Carnival weekend, and year round ‘gate locking services’ to secure play areas at the end of each day Both services are required to prevent exposure to anti-social behaviour and damage.