Issue - decisions

Ebury Bridge Estate Renewal

19/03/2019 - Ebury Bridge Estate Renewal

1.            That Appendix A of the report be exempt from disclosure as it involves the disclosure of information as prescribed by paragraph 3 of Part 1 of Schedule12a to the Local Government Act 1972, (as amended), in that they contain information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority).


2.            That the Cabinet Member for Finance, Property and Regeneration:

(i)            Noted the increasing uncertainty in the London housing for sale market as evidenced by the strong feedback from the market sounding sessions for Ebury Bridge;

(ii)          Approved the revised regeneration tenure mix proposals for Ebury Bridge estate, involving greater emphasis on rental housing and noting that this proposal supports the Council’s desire to retain long-term ownership of the estate and create a wide range of housing opportunities for all households.

(iii)         Approved the planning application approval approach and construction phasing approach for the regeneration of Ebury.

(iv)         Approved the development of Ebury Phase 1 being delivered by the Council and funded though the HRA, and General Fund in respect of Westminster Housing Investments Limited (WHIL);

(v)          Approved an additional budget allocation in the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) of £24.24m over and above the provision within the 2019/20 HRA Business Plan to finance the Phase 1 changes set out in this report and notes that the General Fund’s existing allocation to WHIL is sufficient for Phase 1;

(vi)         Approved the changes to the  Outline Business Case (OBC), as approved in July 2018, as set out in Appendix A,

(vii)        Approved the appointment of the Arup Group to undertake and deliver the design development work required to deliver our overall planning strategy for Ebury and to support the delivery of Phase 1 directly by the Council.

(viii)       Approved the procurement of a Demolition Contractor and a Design and Build contractor to both enable and deliver Phase 1 construction works on behalf of the Council;

(ix)         Noted that further work is being undertaken to develop the proposal for delivery of Ebury Phase 2 and an appropriate selection and procurement of a partner to support the Council in the delivery of this phase.

Reasons for Decision


1.            The Ebury Bridge Estate is one of the five priority estates identified in the Council’s Housing Renewal Strategy (2010) as needing significant improvement and investment.  In line with the Council’s City for All objectives, the overarching objective of regenerating Ebury Bridge Estate is to create a comprehensive renewal that brings about physical, economic and sustainable change that creates additional homes and improves the lives of residents, businesses and visitors alike.  Good progress has been made to date in enabling the scheme and the proposals in this report will maintain that momentum and commence delivery of the Council’s promises to the existing community.


2.            This proposal will help meet the Council’s objectives for the regeneration which include:-

1)     The regeneration should be a Council led,

2)     The Council should retain long term ownership of the estate,

3)     The regeneration should produce a range of tenures or ladder of opportunity for people on different incomes to live and work in central London,

4)     Delivering the regeneration in a sensitive and inclusive way, setting a standard for quality and place making for this important Westminster neighbourhood.

3.            The market sounding exercise has confirmed the preferred delivery route set out in the 25th October Cabinet report for a Council led hybrid delivery model, which now includes more rental housing.


4.            The early delivery of Phase 1 by the Council will support the delivery of the Council’s affordable housing target to deliver 1,850 homes by the end of 2022/23.