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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Violence Against Women & Girls (VAWG) Strategy ref: 155503/12/202111/12/20210
Adoption of the Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Plan ref: 154925/11/202125/11/2021Not for call-in
Westminster Local Development Scheme 2021 - 2024 ref: 154825/11/202103/12/2021Call-in expired
Article 4 Direction ref: 151225/11/202103/12/2021Call-in expired
Approval of Expenditure from the Ward Budget of Bayswater and Lancaster Gate ref: 154525/11/202125/11/2021Not for call-in
Approval of Expenditure from the Ward Budget of Bayswater, Church Street, Harrow Road, Lancaster Gate, Maida Vale, Queen's Park and Westbourne ref: 154725/11/202125/11/2021Not for call-in
Approval of Expenditure from the Ward Budget of Knightsbridge and Belgravia ref: 154625/11/202125/11/2021Not for call-in
Appointment of Contractor for the Coroner's Court project ref: 154424/11/202102/12/2021Call-in expired
Household Support Fund ref: 154324/11/202102/12/2021Call-in expired
Council Tax, NNDR, Housing Benefit Overpayments, Former Client Rent Arrears and Sundry Irrecoverable Debt, Quarter 1 2021/22 ref: 154224/11/202102/12/2021Call-in expired
Ebury Bridge Estate Renewal -Phase 2 Appointments ref: 154022/11/202130/11/2021Call-in expired
Covent Garden Neighbourhood Traffic Management Scheme Experimental Traffic Order. ref: 154122/11/202122/11/2021Not for call-in
Award of Royal Mail Postal Discount contract ref: 153209/11/202109/11/2021Not for call-in
Virtual Discretionary Housing Payment Review Advisory Panel: (14.09.21) Determination of Discretionary Housing Payment Review Application ref: 152208/11/202108/11/2021Not for call-in
Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy ref: 150927/10/202104/11/2021Call-in expired
Highways Buildouts for Trees ref: 150826/10/202103/11/2021Call-in expired
Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) Scheme - Tranche 3 Proposal (Casino) ref: 150620/10/202120/10/2021Not for call-in
Rating Advisory Panel - 21.09.2021 ref: 150520/10/202120/10/2021Not for call-in
West End Gate Transfer of 37 Intermediate Rent Units to Westminster Builds and Management Case. ref: 150319/10/202127/10/2021Call-in expired
Luxborough Street Development, London, W1U ref: 150113/10/202121/10/2021Call-in expired
Marble Arch Mound - project and financial update ref: 150419/10/202127/10/2021Call-in expired
Supply and Allocation of Social Housing 2021/22 ref: 150018/10/202126/10/2021Call-in expired
Luxborough Street Development ref: 149913/10/202121/10/2021Call-in expired
Community Play Provision for Children during School Holidays 2021-22 ref: 149713/10/202113/10/2021Not for call-in
Approval of Expenditure from the Ward Budget of Marylebone High Street ref: 147213/10/202113/10/2021Not for call-in
NNDR Hardship scheme for 2021/22 applications ref: 153715/11/202123/11/2021Call-in expired
Acquisition of 291 Harrow Road ref: 149612/10/202119/10/2021Call-in expired
Soho Neighbourhood Plan adoption ref: 149308/10/202108/10/2021Not for call-in
Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Plan adoption ref: 149408/10/202108/10/2021Not for call-in
Infill Development Programme ref: 147301/10/202109/10/2021Call-in expired
Healthy Child Programme (0-5) ref: 155303/12/202111/12/20210
HMO Licensing Policy ref: 147123/09/202101/10/2021Call-in expired
Extra Care Housing Contract Award ref: 155126/11/202127/11/2021Call-in expired
Temporary Body Storage ref: 153309/11/202117/11/2021Call-in expired
Contact Centre Operating Model Review ref: 153817/11/202125/11/2021Call-in expired
Extension of the Waste Collection and Street Cleansing Contract and Food Waste/Recycling Processing Contracts with Veolia ES (UK) Ltd. ref: 146917/09/202125/09/2021Call-in expired
Revision of the Licensing Policy under the Licensing Act 2003 ref: 146813/09/202113/09/2021Not for call-in
Westminster CIL and S106 - Project Allocations ref: 146710/09/202118/09/2021Call-in expired
Victoria Business Library ref: 146610/09/202110/09/2021Not for call-in
Transfer of School Land ref: 146309/09/202109/09/2021Not for call-in
Alternative Provision and Behaviour Outreach Contract ref: 146006/09/202114/09/2021Call-in expired
Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) Scheme - Tranche 3 Proposal ref: 144903/09/202103/09/2021Not for call-in
Approval of Expenditure from the Ward Budget of Abbey Road, Bryanston and Dorset Square, Church Street, Hyde Park, Marylebone High Street, Regent’s Park and West End ref: 144802/09/202102/09/2021Not for call-in
Support to flood-affected Westminster residents ref: 141720/08/202120/08/2021Not for call-in
10 Orange Street Lease Renewal ref: 141820/08/202129/08/2021Call-in expired
Ebury Bridge Estate (Phase 1) Final Business Case ref: 141916/08/202124/08/2021Call-in expired
Huguenot House - Delivery Route ref: 138512/08/202121/08/2021Call-in expired
Harley Street Area Partnership BID Ballot ref: 138305/08/202105/08/2021Not for call-in
Rating Advisory Panel 26.10.2021 ref: 155026/11/202126/11/2021Not for call-in
Rating Advisory Panel - 13.07.2021 ref: 138203/08/202103/08/2021Not for call-in
Review of the Local List of Information Requirements for Planning and Associated Applications: Agreement to Consult ref: 138103/08/202103/08/2021Not for call-in
Reverend Dr John Clifford Green Plaque ref: 137902/08/202102/08/2021Not for call-in
Westminster Community Homes – Funding requirements for revised development programme ref: 137421/07/202121/07/2021Not for call-in
Balmoral Castle and Darwin House Project Development Proposals ref: 138406/08/202114/08/2021Call-in expired
Virtual Discretionary Housing Payment Review Advisory Panel: (06.07.21) Determination of Discretionary Housing Payment Review Applications ref: 137319/07/202119/07/2021Not for call-in
Approval of Expenditure from the Ward Budget of Bayswater, Bryanston and Dorset Square, Churchill, Church Street, Harrow Road, Maida Vale, Queen's Park, St James's and Westbourne ref: 139513/08/202113/08/2021Not for call-in
Queen's Park Neighbourhood Plan ref: 137112/07/202112/07/2021Not for call-in
Rating Advisory Panel - 08.06.2021 ref: 137006/07/202106/07/2021Not for call-in
Brompton Road BID Ballot ref: 136902/07/202102/07/2021Not for call-in
Making of Westminster's Article 4 Direction for changes of use from Class E (commercial, business and service uses) to C3 (dwelling houses). ref: 136802/07/202102/07/2021Not for call-in
St John's Wood Neighbourhood Forum re-designation ref: 136629/06/202129/06/2021Not for call-in
Approval of Expenditure from the Ward Budget for Maida Vale ref: 136527/06/202127/06/2021Not for call-in
Renewal of Borough-wide Street Drinking and Dog Control Public Space Protection Orders - 3 Year Period ref: 136424/06/202124/06/2021Not for call-in
Additional Restrictions Grant Scheme ref: 136320/04/202120/04/2021Not for call-in
Neighbourhood CIL: Allocation ref: 136222/06/202123/06/2021Call-in expired
Nomination and Appointment of Local Authority School Governors ref: 136122/06/202122/06/2021Not for call-in
Grant a direct award of a care contract and a lease extension to GCH (Alan Morkill) Ltd in relation to the Beachcroft House Care Home until June 2022 ref: 136021/06/202129/06/2021Call-in expired
Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Strategy ref: 135818/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
Ebury Bridge Estate Renewal Unilateral Undertaking and Rights of Light ref: 135921/06/202130/06/2021Call-in expired
Westminster Section 106 - Project Allocation ref: 135712/04/202112/04/2021Not for call-in
Rating Advisory Panel - 20.04.2021 ref: 135228/05/202128/05/2021Not for call-in
Virtual Discretionary Housing Payment Review Advisory Panel: (01.06.21) Determination of Discretionary Housing Payment Review Applications ref: 135615/06/202116/06/2021Call-in expired
Learning Difficulties, Housing Care & Support Services Direct Award ref: 153409/11/202117/11/2021Call-in expired
Church Street Renewal Voids ref: 153917/11/202125/11/2021Call-in expired
Public Realm improvements in Piccadilly Circus ref: 155607/12/202115/12/20210
Intermediate Rent Homes at Farm Street ref: 137523/07/202131/07/2021Call-in expired
Extension of the contracts with Zipcar (UK) Ltd for Fixed Point and Flexible car sharing services ref: 136730/06/202130/06/2021Not for call-in
Footway Parking for Rental e-scooters ref: 129818/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
Villiers Street Public Realm - TMO, Detailed design and Implementation ref: 138003/08/202111/08/2021Call-in expired