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Speeding on Elgin Avenue and surrounding roads

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to There are continuous problems with drivers speeding on Elgin Avenue and the surrounding roads. This behaviour has worsened since the beginning of the pandemic and is now frequently dangerous. 1. Most drivers seem unaware that the area is a 20mph zone, and most traffic is at significantly higher speed. This is inappropriate for a residential area, with many cyclists and zebra crossings frequently used by families/students from Westminster College. The 20mph limit signage consists of a few tiny signs and is completely inadequate. 2. Drivers frequently do not stop at the two zebra crossings on Elgin Avenue between Elgin Parade and Shirland Road. 3. The area is often used by vehicles 'racing' recklessly at speeds approaching 100mph. These vehicles usually travel a loop around Elgin Avenue to Lauderdale Road or Castellain Road before heading out of the area. We ask Westminster Council to consult with local residents to resolve this hazardous issue (e.g. speed cameras, improved s

Concerned local resident

Started by: Eddy Butler

This ePetition runs from 21/11/2021 to 02/01/2022.

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