Officer decisions

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Officer decisions
Title Date
Church Street Regeneration - Commercial Tenant Renegotiation 07/06/2024
Redevelopment of Landsdowne House 05/06/2024
Officer Delegation: Ebury Estate Renewal – Delivery Strategy & Viability Position 29/05/2024
Officer Delegation: Church Street Regeneration - Site A Compulsory Purchase Order Resolution 29/05/2024
Cost of Living Projects 2024/25 - Officer Delegations 21/05/2024
Westmead: Approval to Enter a Lease of an Electricity Substation at 4 Tavistock Road 16/05/2024
Designer, Subcontractor and Main Contractor Collateral Warranties for Adpar Street Carpark, Torridon Carpark and Queens Park Court Carpark Projects 01/05/2024
Grant Authority to issue an Invitation to Tender (ITT) for the provision of "Energy Company Management Services" 26/04/2024
Church Street Site A – Appointment of Joint Venture Development Partner 25/04/2024
Ebury Phase 2 Compulsory Purchase Order Officer Delegations - General Vesting Declaration 26/03/2024
Luxborough Deeds of Release - Officer Delegations 26/03/2024
Paddington Arts Development Funding and Support 25/03/2024
Award of Contracts for Property and Residential Leasehold Buildings Insurances 14/03/2024
VCS Core Funding Programme - Officer Delegations 06/03/2024
Grant Authority for the acquisition of 45 affordable homes at West End Gate Block H from Berkeley Homes 06/02/2024
291 Harrow Road Multi-Disciplinary Consultant Team (MDCT) Appointment(s) - Executive Director Delegations 05/02/2024
Response to Petition Titled 'Save Covent Garden Street Performers' 22/12/2023
300 Harrow Road - Officer Delegations 20/10/2023